Utilities: Paid by Landlord

Rent & Utility Payments

How is Rent Paid?

Rent payments are handled through TurboTenant. Once your profile has been converted to "Tenant" status you will be able to connect a bank account (no processing fee) or pay with a debit / credit card each month (additional processing fee). You and your roommates will have the option to set-up "Auto-Pay" as well when paying your first month's rent. We do not accept personal / bank checks or cash for rent payments.

Can I split the Rent through TurboTenant?

Yes! You have the option to split the rent however you see fit between you and your roommates. 

How am I charged for the monthly electric bill?

Electricity bills are paid "in arrears" which means you pay for the service after you have already used it. The electric bill generally comes out during the first week of the month, at which time you will be charged a fee in TurboTenant due within 14 days. We will combine the electricity bill from Eversource and SunRun (solar panels) into one charge for the convenience of accounting.

The first and last electric bills may be pro-rated due to the exact dates the meter is read. The last electric bill will come due after your tenancy has ended. This bill will be paid from your security deposit as TurboTenant does not allow payments after a tenancy has ended. 

Move-In Costs

Utilities: Paid by Tenant

The last month's rent and the security deposit will be collected after the lease agreement has been signed by all parties. You will be charged through TurboTenant for the specified amount and it will be due in 7 days. These deposits will be held in an interest-bearing "Landlord-Tenant" account at a local Massachusettes-based bank until they are either used by the landlord (last month's rent) or returned to the tenant (within 30 days of moving out). One tenant will need to fill out a W-9 in order for the account to be opened. The W-9 is a requirement of the bank should your deposit accrue enough interest for them to report it to the IRS for tax purposes.

The first month's rent will be due the first day the lease takes effect, which is usually the initial move-in day. If the move-in day falls on any other day than the first of the month (or when the rent would normally be due monthly), a pro-rated amount of rent will be collected for the partial month.

Maintenance Requests

On the off chance something does go wrong with the property, you have several options for submitting a maintenance request. 

If the request is an emergency, we recommend contacting the landlord immediately via the phone number provided to you, regardless of the time of day. If the request is not an emergency, please submit a maintenance request through TurboTenant's maintenance request function and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

If you are unsure what to do, please air on the side of caution and call the landlord for guidance.

Included Furnishings

The home comes fully furnished and includes all the major furniture you see in the photos as well as all the appliances including a washer and dryer located in the downstairs bedroom closet. No linens (sheets / towels / pillows / etc.) are included in the rental. 


The home features a large gravel driveway spanning almost the entire width of the lot that can fit up to four cars side by side. The home does not have a garage. Parking of boats or RVs is not permitted on the property.


There are two sheds located on the property, one is for landlord use and the other is for tenant use. There is a waterproofed crawlspace basement that can be used for storage of boxes or totes if necessary. There is an attic, but no access is permitted due to the blown-in insulation.


At this time, we do not allow pets (dogs / cats) to be kept in the home (with some small exceptions):