Application Process

Step 1: Our Minimum Tenant Standards

Thank you for your interest in renting our property! Prior to filling out the "pre-screener" application in the next step, we ask that you review our minimum standards for tenants to ensure you and your roommates qualify.

1) All tenants are Non-Smokers. No Smoking is allowed anywhere on the property

2) No Pets. We do not currently allow dogs or cats on the property, excluding service dogs

3) No Prior Evictions, Negative Judgments, or Criminal History

4) The combined Total Monthly Income of all roommates (and co-signers), must be at least three times the monthly advertised rent*

5) Clear Communication. It is expected that all parties communicate effectively with one another

If you believe you or your group will meet these standards, please proceed to "Step 2" where you will find a link to our "pre-screener" application

*If you are subsidized by a housing voucher program, please include your voucher amount as a part of your income.

Step 2: Pre-Screener Application

Instead of having potential tenants pay for background and credit checks upfront, we offer a free "pre-screener" application. This 8-question application allows you to provide the important information we need to know about you while helping us to determine if you or your group qualify to rent the property. 

Please follow these instructions when completing the "Pre-Screener":

1) At the end of the application in the "Do you have any questions for the landlord?"  text box, please list all of your roommates names so we can link each separate "pre-screener" application together in our system.

2) Each person who is 18+ years of age at the time of move-in that will be living in the home will need to fill out the "pre-screener" application separately for your entire group to be considered. Once you complete your pre-screener, please forward the link to your roommates so they can complete it as well. A separate email and phone number must be used for each applicant.

3) Please answer the "pre-screener" questions for YOURSELF ONLY. For example, please DO NOT combine all of your roommate's monthly income into one and list that as your income. The "pre-screener" is an individual application. 

Click here to fill out the "Pre-Screener" Application

Step 3: Showings & Tours

Showings will be offered to individuals or groups who:

1) Have had EVERY roommate submit a "pre-screener" application

2) Meet our minimum qualification standards

Since this property is rented both as a short-term summer and long-term winter rental, the days and times for showings will be limited and based on the availability of our current bookings and tenants. We will reach out to you or your group, if the above criteria are met, to schedule a showing date and time.

While we prefer to meet all potential tenants in person at your showing, we understand that certain circumstances may prevent that (such as not already living locally). We will offer virtual tours on a case-by-case basis. The type of tour you receive does not affect our decision when choosing tenants.

Once showings are completed, a qualified individual or group is usually selected within 24-72 hours. All parties will be notified at this time as to where they stand.

Step 4: Full Application, Background & Credit Check

If you or your group is selected, each roommate will need to complete a full application, credit, and background check through TurboTenant. The cost is $55 per person which is set by and paid to TurboTenant at the time of application to process your credit and background check. We do not accept "third-party" or "self-provided" credit or background checks. 

Once the reports are processed by TurboTenant (usually within 24 hours), they will be reviewed, and if there are any questions you will be contacted directly. The reports we receive do not include any of your personal information such as your Social Security, Credit Card, or Bank Account Numbers. 

Your income and employment status provided on your application will be verified. Please provide accurate contact information for someone who can be called that has knowledge of your income and employment status. If you are moving from away and will be starting a new job once you move in, please provide the contact information for someone at your new employer as well.

Prior Landlords may be contacted for a reference. If you have not told your current Landlord that you are moving yet, it's advised that you notify them first before submitting your application.

If you currently own a home, your current mortgage holder will not be contacted and no contact information is needed. Please include information on your application about what you plan to do with your current home (retain/sell/rent/etc).

If the application, credit, and background check are satisfactory, the property will officially be offered to you or your group to lease.

Step 5: Review & Sign the Lease Agreement

A copy of the lease agreement will be sent to all parties involved for review and digital signatures via TurboTenant. If you have any questions about the lease, please let us know. As with any legal document, you are strongly advised to have an attorney review the lease on your behalf prior to signing.

Step 6: Collect Security Deposit & Last Month's Rent

Once the lease agreement is fully signed by all parties, your account(s) in TurboTenant will be converted to "Tenant" status. A charge for the last month's rent and the security deposit will be sent through TurboTenant and due within 7 days. At this time you will be able to link your bank account to TurboTenant (or use a credit card) to pay these charges.

The last month's rent and the security deposit will be held in an interest-bearing "Landlord-Tenant" account at a local Massachusettes based bank. One tenant will need to fill out a W-9 in order for the account to be opened. The W-9 is a requirement of the bank should your deposit accrue enough interest for them to report it to the IRS for tax purposes.

Step 7: Move In

The day your lease begins you will be provided with individual door codes for each roommate. Feel free to move yourself and your belongings in at your convenience. The property is fully furnished and it is expected that all furniture included with the property is to remain in the home for the duration of the lease.

You will be required to fill out and sign the state-mandated "Apartment Condition Statement" which will need to be returned to the Landlord within 15 days after you receive it or within 15 days after you move in, whichever is later.

All rent will be collected through TurboTenant. Additional charges for utilities (such as electricity) will be charged separately to your TurboTenant account on a monthly basis in addition to the regular monthly rent payment.